Sunday, September 3, 2017


Last week, the United Counties of Prescott and Russell approved an alleged agreement between that municipality, Renfrew County, Cornwall and Ottawa that would apparently only send paramedics into Ottawa for unconscious patients and patients suffering from cardiac arrest.
   However, the City of Ottawa denies a tentative agreement even exists and says it would never sign off on that kind of arrangement with the counties.
   The view from the other side in this fight: 
A deal with the City of Ottawa covering cross-border deployment of paramedic services from neighbouring counties is still in place, according to Renfrew County’s director of emergency services, Mike Nolan.
“Ottawa was the originator of this agreement and sent it out to all its neighbouring municipalities,” he said.   “The City of Ottawa is playing games with the lives of residents of eastern Ontario and we would appreciate them honouring the agreement that they were a party to creating,” said Nolan.

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