Thursday, January 4, 2018


  NP: Blatchford:  As Joshua Boyle, thank God, must be presumed innocent, so may Justin Trudeau be presumed to be merely stupid.
   Continuing the Liberal tradition of looking kindly upon the highly sketchy, Trudeau met Boyle and family in his office on Dec. 18.
   Now, of course, the 34-year-old Boyle is facing a raft of serious criminal charges — he made a brief court appearance by video in Ottawa Wednesday — and Trudeau appears by the kindest light as an aging naïf sorely lacking in judgment.

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  1. News is now coming out that the police investigation was well underway when turdo la doo met with Boyle. But even if there wasn’t an ongoing investigation, as many commenters on SDA and Rebel noted when news of his return hit the press, the entire Boyle story stank to high heaven from the start. That turdo la doo and his baby-sitters didn’t pick up on that while ordinary folks did, is further proof of the little tit’s lack of common sense and his estrangement from the middle class he pretends to identify with.