Friday, February 9, 2018


  Free trade warrior Kathleen Wynne was in Washington this week threatening to retaliate against American states who adopt “Buy American” legislation that shuts out Ontario firms from bidding on public projects in their jurisdictions.“Premier Wynne in the U.S. to Stand up for Ontario Workers and Businesses,” said the Premier’s Feb 7 press release trumpeting the trip.

  This is the same Premier, who along with her MPPs and ministers, after hiking Ontario’s minimum wage to $15 this year, characterized business owners as heartless and greedy when they objected to a 32% increase to wage costs.

  Interim PC leader Vic Fedeli called the latest Liberal trade war sabre rattling “a last-ditch election ploy by Kathleen Wynne to deflect the blame for her disastrous economic policies.” NDP International Trade critic Taras Natyshak noted “300,000 manufacturing jobs, including tens of thousands of auto industry jobs” have been lost under the Liberals.

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