Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Blatchford, NP:   Almost nine years ago, he dared to walk along Argyle Street in the town of Caledonia, Ont., carrying a Canadian flag on a pole towards a peaceful so-called “flag rally”.
For this impudence, he was wrestled to the ground by a half-dozen Ontario Provincial Police officers, permanently injured and charged with obstructing police (though officers told him he was being arrested to “prevent a breach of the peace”, a loathsome preventative detention offence).
    During the three long years of the violent occupation of Douglas Creek Estates (DCE), a subdivision then under construction, by Six Nations protesters, the police mostly busied themselves arresting non-native protesters, such as Fleming and activist Gary McHale – anyone whose presence, however peaceful, might enrage the native occupiers and thus spur them unto violence
   All the while, of course, in the back rooms, government bureaucrats, negotiators and handmaidens – the latter including the OPP Commissioner at the time, Julian Fantino — all but urinated themselves as they sought to placate the occupiers and their allies.

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