Saturday, April 7, 2018


   McParland, NP:  How is any one party, or individual, supposed to produce a magic blueprint to clean up every disaster perpetrated by their predecessor, given that serious disasters are often years in the making and resist easy solutions?
   It’s hardly worth the effort, if you ask me. Trying to slap together an extravagant cure-all will only condemn Ford to playing a game whose rules work against him. Rather than trying to outbid the Liberals, he’s better off capitalizing on the natural advantage he already enjoys, i.e. that he’s not Kathleen Wynne, the PCs aren’t the Liberals, and a Tory government would not continue down the dangerous and risky path to which Wynne has committed her party.
    Ford could be better off defining himself by what he wouldn’t do, rather than match Liberal spending treats. As in, he won’t continue to pour subsidies into failed hydro policies that have hiked bills to painful levels for many Ontarians while rewarding executives with extravagant salaries. He won’t continue treating small businesses as cash cows with endless resources to finance social-engineering agendas. He won’t seek to dictate winners and losers based on the conceit that only government can ensure a free and fair society, or a successful business enterprise. He won’t prolong the crushing growth of bureaucratic oversight that smothers so much of the natural dynamism and inventiveness of a talented population. He won’t treat people like children who need an overbearing government to teach them how to behave.

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