Sunday, April 8, 2018


  Anyone wondering why Canadians sometimes lose faith in government’s ability to get anything done should read a report that the country’s auditors general released at the end of March.
  The report, Perspectives on Climate Change Action in Canada, is an extraordinary piece of work. Canada’s federal auditor general, Michael Ferguson, worked with his counterparts in nearly every provincial government. (Quebec didn’t participate. The province often declines to join big federal-provincial projects.) It’s “the first time that nearly all legislative audit offices in Canada have coordinated their work in this way,” the report says.
  What the nation’s government bean-counters found was a mess, and on a file most governments like to claim is a top priority. “Overall, we found that actions taken by governments to date to address climate change across the country have fallen short of the governments’ commitments,” the auditors general write.  

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