Thursday, April 5, 2018


   The federal Liberal government plans to spend up to $280,000 for a new study on Canada’s competitiveness in the oil and gas industry as investment lags and the United States offers new incentives for companies to move south.
   But according to Conservative natural resources critic Shannon Stubbs, the study may actually just bea very costly exercise to appear to be doing something.” In other words, a stalling tactic.
   Stubbs said the government can learn everything it needs to know by listening to oil and gas developers and workers, who have been flagging the sector’s competitiveness issues for over two years. She said policy changes and legislative decisions made by the Liberals, in addition to the drop in the price of oil, are behind the sector-wide slump in investment.

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  1. There are a couple of thousand wells sitting idle within 40 miles of town. The government has started calling them marginal wells to make everyone think that quantity is the problem instead of rotten government. They have come up with this foolish idea that maybe we should be using these idle wells to tap geothermal energy to heat the town. So far they have spent over $1.2 million on studies.
    Our mayor is a stupid educated hippy from the east who is all enthusiastic about this and he actually thinks this would be an equal trade off for not getting any more oil money. I asked him a few weeks ago when we were going to start exporting hot water to make up for our lost oil money. He just looked at me and did not have an answer. I told him I was going to ask the question at council and he better have an answer.