Sunday, April 8, 2018


    FP: As she desperately tries to stave off a humiliating electoral defeat, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne may have made an uncharacteristic tactical blunder. She shifted the way she wants her government to be perceived from “fair” to “caring.” Does this Hail Mary pass really matter during a shameful campaign of last-minute giveaways with borrowed money our children will have to repay and extravagant promises she will never keep?
     As a political slogan not really, since it is likely too late, given an approval rating at 19 per cent, the worst for any premier in the country, and a prevailing desire for change. Whatever Wynne may have heard from focus groups, she is misjudging how the people see her and her Progressive Conservative opponent, Doug Ford. Over the longer term, public perception responds to straight talk and results, rather than virtue signally and broken promises. In that regard, her campaign rhetoric falls into a long-standing battle between progressivism and conservatism.

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