Tuesday, June 27, 2017


The wave of hysteria unleashed by President Donald Trump’s upset electoral victory in November stoked nightmarish visions of armed ICE agents would be kicking down doors and rounding up illegal immigrants by the thousands. So it’s unsurprising that Trump’s victory inspired a wave of asylum seekers traveling from Mexico, South and Central American to flee even further north to Canada in the month’s following Trump’s victory.
Yet, despite Canada’s reputation as a welcoming liberal paradise, many of these immigrants are now stuck in a thorny legal limbo making it difficult for them to secure jobs and a permanent resident. This situation could persist for months, if not years, according to data obtained by Reuters. As the news agency notes, the backlog of asylum cases has simply overwhelmed the country’s ability to process and vet individuals applying for legal refugee status. Because of this, Canada is taking longer to process refugee claims than at any point in the past five years – and they’re poised to grow even longer.

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