Friday, May 11, 2018


    From the get-go, May vehemently denied she was a bootstrap brute. “I am consistently opposed to bullying,” she told reporters after the matter became public. “I’ve stood up to bullying numerous times.”
   Three individuals expressed dismay over May’s intolerable conduct: former interim executive director Rob Rainer, who accused the 63-year-old leader of “verbal and emotional abuse”; Diana Nunes, the party’s director of finance for a decade until she was axed in 2015, who recalled numerous instances where May allegedly “threw a fit” and yelled at employees, describing May as “mean to the core”; and another former staffer, Vanessa Brustolin, a short-term party organizer in Manitoba and Ontario, who asserted that May had yelled at her on three occasions, further claiming she’d been terminated after complaining about the behaviour.
    Well, boo-hoo.
   On Thursday, May got her piece of flesh vindication: The complaints did not constitute workplace harassment, at least as defined by Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act. Without merit.

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