Wednesday, May 9, 2018


   Blatchford, NP:  With these vague complaints, Moore set in motion Weir’s temporary suspension from caucus, the usual secret lawyer’s “investigation” of the allegations, and last week, Weir’s expulsion from caucus by leader Jagmeet Singh.
    What most Canadians outside the Hill don’t know is that it was also Moore who was behind the 2014 ruination of two Liberal MPs, Scott Andrews and Massimo Pacetti.
    Then Tuesday came a story by CBC’s Neil Macdonald, about how, after former Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry soldier Glen Kirkland testified at a 2013 House of Commons defence committee (Moore was a member), she invited him to her office.  There, he said, she poured him a couple of gins, even though he told her he was on antidepressants and painkillers.
  Then she allegedly stalked Kirkland a bit, once showing up at a golf course where he was playing with friends, another time at the doorstep of his Brandon, Man. house.

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