Wednesday, May 2, 2018


  Toronto Star:   In Bellingham, Wash., family physician Gary McCallum raped a pregnant patient in his office, the state’s medical commission ruled.
   In Duluth, Minn., neurosurgeon Stefan Konasiewicz’s patients complained of mistakes that caused serious injuries, including quadriplegia and the death of a young mother, triggering regulatory sanctions and several malpractice payouts.
    In San Diego, Calif., children’s kidney specialist Jacques Lemire pleaded guilty to possessing sexually explicit photos of boys. The judge who sentenced Lemire to 15 months in prison called the images “sadistic.”
   American medical boards disciplined these men — all Canadian-trained doctors — for their actions while they were working stateside.
  All returned to Canada where physicians’ colleges in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec let them keep or renew their medical licences. A patient looking up any of these doctors on the colleges’ websites would find no trace of their U.S. disciplinary or criminal histories. Most Canadian regulators told the Star that privacy laws prohibit them from sharing such details with the public.
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