Monday, May 7, 2018


NP: The Liberals are increasingly desperate. Their recent taxpayer-financed spend-a-palooza has generated no detectable improvement in their polling numbers. The campaign of Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford has suffered a few missteps, but nothing near the disaster the Liberals must be praying for nightly. On the premier’s left flank, the affable Andrea Horwath of the provincial NDP seems energetic and determined. It’s bleak for the Grits.
     Perhaps that’s why they increasingly seem to be campaigning in an alternate universe. The auditor general shows your budget to be a sham? Dismiss it as a minor disagreement. Doug Ford running a more stable campaign than expected? Take time out of a health-care announcement to warn darkly that he’s a clone of Donald Trump. This week, a union front group allied with the Liberals — Working Ontario Women — was called out for running an advertisement containing outright lies about the Conservative record. Yet the Liberals are presenting themselves as a trustworthy and transparent alternative to the Tories, apparently forgetting that just last month a senior Liberal staffer was sentenced to prison for helping arrange the destruction of public records that embarrassed the government.

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