Wednesday, May 2, 2018


   Never mind, says Justin Trudeau: “This pipeline will get built.” In Vancouver on Monday, Trudeau said Trans Mountain would mean cheaper gas for Vancouver, where it currently costs $1.60 per litre, the highest price in North America, next door to the oil sands.
    Well then, he needs a bill to approve it, and his government needs to get a move on and fast track legislation through the House and Senate. With the House out for the Victoria break the week after next, there’s only 16 sitting days left before the Kinder Morgan deadline expires.
    The government can’t do this with a Cabinet order—that would be too susceptible to legal challenge. The prime minister needs something that’s court-proof, and it’s called the Constitution.
    Section 92 (10 a) of the Constitution establishes federal jurisdiction over interprovincial and international transportation over railways, canals and “other works and undertakings.” TMX fits that description, literally down to the ground.

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