Tuesday, November 6, 2018


   As Rideau Hall prepares a “thorough review” of the lifetime expense program for former governors general, the National Post has learned Adrienne Clarkson’s expense claims since leaving office are substantially higher than revealed by the public accounts, in some years reaching the program’s annual spending limit of $206,000.
    There is no allegation that Clarkson has ever broken any rules. However, she has taken full advantage of the little-known program that funds the activities of former governors general, and sources told the Post that over the years Clarkson has been the strongest opponent of reforming it, and that Clarkson had specifically resisted the possibility of her expenses being disclosed publicly.
  The current annual limit on the program is $206,000, according to one source, and Clarkson has spent to that limit in multiple years since she left Rideau Hall in 2005. That means her total expenses since then are well over the $1.1 million currently revealed via the public accounts.

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