Friday, March 24, 2017


The screams from Westminster Bridge have barely died down and the Wynne government is already lecturing us on racism and Islamophobia.
“We know that hate continues to spread,” reads a joint sermon from two of her ministers hours after the U.K. terror attack, “even in the most diverse regions of our province.”

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  1. Boy! Wait till Paddy "Tiger" Brown rebuts this! Ol' PTB ain't gonna put up with with blatant bullshit like this! No sirree. He'll stand up and tell like it is!

    Man! Remember that no-nonsense stand he took on all that carbon tax bullshit? ye sir! He wasn't afraid to stand up and say that carbon taxes were nothing but a goddamned scam built on the big global warming lie. You don't remember that? Really?

    Okay, how about when he stood up and yelled out that anyone who pushed for a sex-ed program that taught 11 year-olds about anal sex was nothing but a pervert? You don't remember that either? Really?