Monday, March 20, 2017


Voter opposition to politicians who price carbon dioxide emissions is increasing. The public is learning that a tax on emissions is one paid for by ordinary families and businesses. And voter disapproval could strengthen if Canadian jobs are lost or move south as Washington makes it clear the U.S. will not pursue similar policies. 


  1. And everyone was surprised - and relieved - that Mr. Meanie Trump got along so well with Canada's tit-in-chief. Trump you see, figured out long ago that our lttle lithper could represent a real asset to his administration.

    It didn't take any great amount of brains to figure out that all sorts of undesirables would head north; he didn't need a crystal ball to predict that the tit's adherence to carbon taxes would handicap Canadian companies; that billions of canabucks leaving the country to be pissed away by third world dictators in the name of fighting climate change and women's rights; and being a businessman he knew damn well the tit's brand of greedy statism would drive the best, the brightest, and the ones with the desire to prosper, southward.

    Nope, turdo la doo is a gift from heaven for Trump.

  2. This is just like Switzerland during WW2. Germany did not invade the frightened little state because it had much more to gain by allowing it to exist on Germany's terms. The story that the Nazis would not have been able to conquer Switzerland is a myth. They were Germany's bankers.

  3. Cap and Trade is a fraud...

    It is a Stock Market exclusively for the rich and powerful and will be paid for by the poor and downtrodden.