Friday, March 2, 2018


   Toronto police are challenging the claims of a broadcast journalist who believes she was stopped and questioned by police because she is black – arguing they didn't know her race and that dash-cam footage shows she rolled through a stop sign.
    In an unusual move, high-ranking police officers took to social media to respond to an opinion piece published on Monday in The Globe and Mail by Marci Ien, a co-host on CTV's The Social. In it, Ms. Ien recounted an incident in her driveway on the evening of Feb. 18.
    When she got out of the car – confused about the sudden flashing lights in her rear-view mirror – she said the officer yelled at her to get back in. It was the third time she's been stopped by police in her neighbourhood in eight months, Ms. Ien wrote. He told her that she had rolled through a stop sign.

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  1. That's what happens when your ratings drop and your fan mail stops and you desperately crave attention. You make up stories or you cut your nuts off.