Sunday, April 15, 2018


Ottawa Citizen: The National Research Council is keeping one of its vice-presidents on full salary for nearly two years of French language training in Alberta, while covering his private lessons at a cost of $90,000 and counting.

Ian Potter has been vice-president of engineering at the NRC since 2011. He was brought in by then-president John McDougall, a Conservative appointee who left the job suddenly in 2016. The two men had been executives together at Alberta’s publicly-funded R&D corporation, and shared a plan to make NRC more “revenue-oriented.”

Soon after McDougall left, Potter announced that he would leave Ottawa to do language training for “an initial period” of six months, beginning in early January 2017.

More than a year later, he is still on training. The NRC now says his language studies will continue until the end of August — 20 months after they began. An acting vice-president is running the engineering division.

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