Tuesday, May 8, 2018


   FP:   Ford could easily keep his promise to slash Ontario’s skyrocketing power prices,  without the deep indebtedness Wynne would be incurring, by following through on what the Liberals fear most: repealing the Green Energy Act and challenging the odious renewable-energy contracts that Liberal governments parcelled out to their cronies.
   “We’re troubled by the fact that Doug Ford would recklessly tear up a contract, where an agreement had already been signed — a harmful signal to businesses looking to invest in Ontario,” recently stated Ontario Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault, in trying to sidetrack any effort at ending the lavish deals with the wind and solar companies that enriched his party with donations, while impoverishing electricity billpayers. “And not just that, cancelling contracts would leave the province dealing with major lawsuits and penalties and likely increase electricity rates due to these costs.”
    Thibeault must know that he’s wrong in law and in history: Governments in Canada — and especially Ontario governments — have a long history of tearing up ill-advised contracts they’ve entered into, most prominently in the electricity sector. The practice of governments tearing up contracts, in fact, is as old and well established as the electricity sector itself.

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