Tuesday, May 8, 2018


   It is feared among much of the U.S. foreign policy establishment and Europe that Netanyahu's presentation will give President Donald Trump an excuse to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. Their panic is obvious. The Boston Globe reported that, in spite of the Logan Act, the master of the Iranian deal, former secretary of state John F. Kerry, has been secretly working with Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to salvage the agreement...and his tattered legacy.
   As for Europe, it's in a fix. If Trump reinstates sanctions, which were suspended in 2016, when the deal went into effect, France and Germany will have a bitter choice to make: either trade with Iran or trade with the U.S. This disrupts the norm that Europe prefers, of having its cake and eating it, too.
    Time will tell what the Trump administration decides to do on May 12. Whatever it is, Netanyahu's presentation will still have a profound effect in Tehran. That's because in this caper, the Israelis were not content with just scanning the top-secret papers of Iran onto a flip drive and carrying it out in their pockets. Rather, the Israelis physically took a half-ton of documents from the Iranian vault.

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