Friday, May 4, 2018


   This article was posted in the Toronto Sun in October 2017.  I have altered it from Patrick Brown references to Doug Ford ones; otherwise it is still relevant.

But it hasn’t stopped the hysterical and desperate Ontario Liberals from dealing in similar wedge politics à la Trump.
   Most recently, a new well-funded organization called Working Ontario Women (WOW) has sprung to life with vicious anti-Brown Doug Ford ads. Turns out WOW is bankrolled by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) with a two-million North America membership. WOW’s website suggests they fight for protecting women’s rights, including marriage equality and the right to choose, improving women’s health and expanding access to women’s health care and fighting for fair wages and equal pay. All noble objectives.
 WOW’s website also claims that the organization is “led by women.”
    But once you dig deeper through this pop-up organization which has less than 150 followers on Twitter, you get a big clue on who really runs it. WOW’s puppeteer is a big L Liberal guy pulling the strings from SEIU. This sheds light on why WOW is pro-Wynne and anti-Brown Ford.
     Meet Michael Spitale, SEIU Healthcare’s director of government relations and very much a man. Spitale’s worked on Wynne’s Leadership campaign and was Director of Political Affairs for the Liberal Caucus, not to mention he’s a former President of the Ontario Liberal Party.
    Another article here that explains more of the shady inside relationship of Wynne's Liberals/SEIU/WOW.

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