Tuesday, May 1, 2018


   G&M: “While Doug Ford would take an erratic and reckless approach and fire Hydro One’s Board – which would do absolutely nothing to reduce customer rates but would almost certainly risk the market value of Hydro One, upon which so many people rely – we believe in a stable solution that exercises our authority as the largest shareholder,” Mr. Thibeault said.
    The Liberals also softened their stand on executive pay. Rather than voting against Hydro One pay packages at the May 15 meeting, as the government indicated on the weekend, Mr. Thibeault said the government planned to abstain from voting to give the board “the necessary time to re-examine the matter.”
     Mr. Ford said late on Monday: “This is a weak response from Kathleen Wynne – and only coming now because she and her millionaires club have been exposed just before the election.
    “If the government truly had any respect for taxpayers, Kathleen Wynne would fire the $6-million man and the entire board at Hydro One, just like she said she had the authority to do.”

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