Wednesday, November 7, 2018


    McParland:   The Democrats were supposed to produce a cakewalk to House control, a “blue wave” that might grow to a “blue tsunami.” In that they failed — TV talking heads discussed whether the end result was best termed a puddle or a ripple. Trump, meanwhile, couldn’t help but be cheered, having boasted that it was all a referendum on him.
    His opponents still don’t grasp what it is about the president that appeals to the 40% or more of Americans who appear willing to stand by him no matter what he says or does, who he insults or how many aides, assistants or cabinet heavies head for the exits. To a great degree it reflects the solidity and narrowness of his fans: whites, particularly males, and especially those lacking higher education. The Democrat “base” in contrast, is no base at all: blacks; hispanics; educated white women; urban elites on opposite coasts; a broad host of environmental, gender, educational, aspirational and income-related camps of disparate ardour, all jostling for position.

Monday’s victory won’t solve the rivalry over the party’s future. Having survived Tuesday’s verdict, Trump can spend two years preparing a bid to continue running the country. Democrats, meanwhile, still have to sort out who’s running the party.

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