Wednesday, November 7, 2018


  A political operative’s utterance of the word “dick” during a live news show did not violate broadcast standards, a watchdog has ruled, in a decision that found the crude euphemism for the male appendage is on par with words like “idiot” or “goofball.”
  David Herle, then the Ontario Liberal Party’s campaign co-chair, made the remark on
Toronto’s CP24 news channel during an April panel discussion about the upcoming provincial election. At one point the moderator asked Herle whether voters trusted Ontario Progressive Conservative leader and eventual election-winner Doug Ford more than his late brother Rob, formerly the city’s mayor.
  “No,” Herle replied. “I think people liked Rob Ford and I think people think Doug Ford’s a bit of a dick, to be honest.”
   Had the same remark been made about a Liberal candidate, I imagine the reaction of  CP24 and the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council would have been somewhat different.

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