Friday, January 18, 2019


   As Wilson-Raybould observed in her record-polishing rant, she fearlessly spoke truth to power and considers accelerating indigenous reconciliation her primary motivation for being in politics. For being less than fawning on the file, she paid the price.
   This underlines the reality of cabinet ministers, a reality that is not unique to the Trudeau government. The "honorable" title doesn't mean they are free to freelance. The only measure of their performance is enacting orders and stuffing a sock in any personal disagreement.
  The sheer transparency of this demotion underlines how egregious was her off-script behavior  viewed from on high. They must've calculated sending the message of blind obedience to lower levels was worth the nasty optics of knocking down a woman who was the most senior Indigenous minister in Canadian history.
   In the end, Jody Wilson-Raybould forgot the golden commandment of ministerial life: What the prime minister giveth in government cars, drivers, pay premiums and sycophantic support staff, he can taketh away without explanation or justification.

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