Saturday, April 7, 2018


   China's ambassador to Canada says he hopes Canada will side with his country as "strong defenders of free trade" in the escalating trade battle between his country and the United States.
    "China hopes that Canada will hold the justice, stand at the right side of history and work with China to safeguard the multilateral trading system," Ambassador Lu Shaye told CBC News Network's Power & Politics.
    So far, Canada has remained neutral in the stand-off between the world's two biggest economies.
    "I think Canada [taking] a neutral position is a help to China," Lu told host Vassy Kapelos. "We know the U.S. is the unique, only neighbour of Canada, and Canada has many problems with the U.S. We have noted that the position of the Canadian government is objective ... It's very good.
     "Naturally, we hope Canada can do more. But we respect the Canadian position."

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  1. The chicoms said Justin's position was objective and good. I can just see his hairless little chest puffing up with pride. They will continue to play hime for the sucker he is.