Monday, April 16, 2018


   Klavan:  If you're too ungrateful to thank God for living in America, at least you can thank Him for the fact that you're not living in the imaginations of our journalists and commentators. Good golly! The catastrophes going on in those dank and fetid places would be just terrible if they were actually happening in real life.
    Consider the mind of Carl Bernstein over at CNN. There's a bona fide constitutional crisis going on in there! I know this because Bernstein said so. "We're in a constitutional crisis," he said. What's the constitutional crisis, you might ask. The constitutional crisis is that reporters say sources say the president of the United States is thinking about firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller! Wow. That is a crisis. It's like that time a guy cut me off in traffic and I wanted to kill him so they had to take him to the morgue. The imaginary world is dangerous.

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