Wednesday, June 27, 2018


   VIENNA — By 24, Sebastian Kurz was a member of the Austrian cabinet. By 27, he was his country’s foreign minister. And by 31, the debonair university dropout with the slicked-back mane and the Hollywood grin became the world’s youngest leader.
   Now, just six months into his term as chancellor, Kurz is seizing a febrile moment in European politics to make himself into one of the continent’s true power players.
   In so doing, he may help bring down his neighboring chancellor, Germany’s Angela Merkel, the most consequential European leader of the past decade.
   The 63-year-old, four-term Merkel could see her government collapse as soon as this weekend. If it does, she will have mutinous members of her own conservative bloc to blame. But equally important will be the role of Kurz, who has repeatedly appeared in public with the German rebels to bolster their zero-tolerance immigration stance and not so subtly take aim at Merkel.

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