Thursday, June 28, 2018


   But, hey, we were all young once. Let he whose actions have not prompted an editorial alleging groping cast the first stone. (Picks up stone…)
   OK, it was a long time ago. And the allegation appeared in a dinky local paper. But what does the feminist prime minister have to say about it now? We don’t know. To date, no reporter has seemingly asked Trudeau directly. The best we have is a statement from his office:
“(The prime minister) remembers being in Creston for the Avalanche Foundation but doesn’t think he had any negative interactions there.”
   Yikes. I’ve written enough statements to know this exquisite serving of fudge from Trudeau’s office was crafted with lawyerly precision. “Doesn’t think” and “negative interactions” aren’t the confident words of a feminist hero. They’re weasel words meant to dull a story into going away.
   “Doesn’t think”? Can one forget an incident that prompts a personal apology and a newspaper editorial? And what, exactly, is a “negative interaction”? Would an incident of “groping” that prompts a personal apology and an editorial in a newspaper qualify?

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