Tuesday, July 17, 2018


   Blatchford, NP:  The City of Toronto’s records in its Facilities Management division, where fake fire inspectors regularly won contracts to make sure municipal buildings were safe, are so bad that Toronto Police can’t even launch a fraud investigation.
   The schmozzle in the department came to light when city auditor general Beverly Romeo-Beehler received serious allegations about a trio of companies – York Fire Protection, Advance Fire Control and Advanced Detection Technologies Corp. – which had been doing business with the city for about a decade.
   The same man, Rauf Ahmad, is the “directing mind” behind all three.
  The allegations included double-billing, overcharging for work not done, phony double-bidding for city contracts, the company using multiple false identities (including employees who would change shirts, now wearing one with a York logo and then one with the Advance Fire logo, depending on where they were working), shifting company names and suspect addresses (the headquarters for one of Ahmad’s companies was a Birchmount Road mosque) and its long history of poor performance and shoddy work for the city somehow failing to prevent it getting new or even enriched contracts.

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