Monday, July 30, 2018


   NP: The RCMP tried a few years ago to wrestle away control of organized crime investigations being pursued by the Canada Border Services Agency, newly released records show.
   The proposal did not sit well with the border agency and never went ahead. But even as both agencies insist they have since struck a collaborative relationship, security experts say the failed proposal illustrates ongoing tensions between the two agencies, which share the responsibility of ensuring the border’s integrity.
   In an email Sunday, a spokeswoman for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, who still retains oversight over both agencies, said: “The RCMP and the CBSA manage our borders in a manner that is seamless, cooperative and in the best interests of public safety. ‎Operationally, each of the organizations brings its expertise and resources to bear — the combined weight of which is stronger and more effective than either would be on their own.”

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