Wednesday, August 1, 2018


   OTTAWA — It's been more than two years since work began on revising the controversial study guide for Canada's citizenship test, but the federal government says it needs more time to work on the publication and has no set timeline for release.
   Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel says she believes bureaucrats were sent back to the drawing board after a draft copy of the revised guide revealed the department had removed references to barbaric cultural practices, including female genital mutilation, as being against Canadian law — references that were added by the Stephen Harper government in 2011.
   "The immigration minister's response to the issue around removing the language about female genital mutilation being a very intolerable practice from the citizenship guide, his delay and his response, I would surmise, didn't go well within the prime minister's office," Rempel said.
   "I think probably he mishandled that so badly they're delaying any sort of output."

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