Thursday, August 2, 2018


Toronto Sun:  Apparently, the Trudeau government has finally figured out that when you place a new cost of doing business on Canadian industries that their major competitors in the United States don’t have — a national carbon price — it makes our industries less competitive compared to those of our largest trading partner.
In order to address it, as reported by the Globe and Mail Wednesday, the Trudeau government is increasing the threshold of emissions major industries in Canada will be allowed to put into the atmosphere before they have to pay for them.
    Trudeau’s decision demonstrates the Liberals’ Peter Pan approach to carbon pricing, based on their apparent belief if you impose a new cost on Canadian industries that American ones don’t have, there will be nothing but financial benefits and no costs to the Canadian economy.
   Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna promotes this nonsense across the country, recently doing so in Ontario, where, during an interview on CBC’s Power & Politics, she portrayed Trudeau’s carbon pricing scheme as the centrepiece of the Liberals’ plan to, “take advantage of the huge economic opportunity, in the trillions of dollars, to create good jobs now and in the future” afforded by addressing climate change.

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