Thursday, January 10, 2019


   Blatchford:  Scott Brison, the Treasury Board president and career politician, in a move that seemed to be unexpected, announced he is stepping down as member of Parliament for Kings-Hants, a mostly rural Nova Scotia riding not far from Halifax.
   There is some reason to accept that Brison may have also come to the understanding that he had gone as far in politics as he was likely to go: A twice-unsuccessful leadership candidate, once for the Conservatives and then after he’d crossed the floor once for the Liberals, Brison’s chance to be PM has likely passed.
   But there’s also this: Brison is one of the key figures at the heart of the prosecution against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, the second-in-command of the military who is accused of leaking cabinet secrets.
   His name appears on the Crown’s list of witnesses when the case goes to trial in August, two months before the federal election, though it is not from government lawyers he can expect the rough ride.

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