Monday, June 4, 2018


   From 2016:  CTV News, TORONTO -- Colonoscopy should not be used for routine screening of colorectal cancer in patients with no symptoms or family history of the disease, the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care advises in updated guidelines issued Monday.
   From 2016:  Montreal Gazette.   As to the business of colonoscopies: While RAMQ (the Quebec provincial health-insurance plan) pays a doctor $169 per colonoscopy whether it is done in a private clinic or in a hospital, the private clinics carry expenses that hospitals don’t have — from renting space to the buying and upkeep of equipment, nursing and technician staff, sterilization, sedation and other medication — and costs passed down to the patient are for goods and services that are not insured by RAMQ. Patients pay between $500 and $600 to have a colonoscopy in a clinic.
But Barrette said if the clinics want to continue treating patients, they should drop out of Medicare. He’s not forcing them to close, he said. However they will no longer be able to charge RAMQ $169, and then the patient $500, he said. “They will not be allowed to double bill. They can’t operate like that.”

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  1. Uppers! It is the business of colonoscopies for sures with even small rural hospitals running a production line of 15 a day 5 days a week. One person done and waking up...another knocked out and geting the scope and a 3rd waiting to get wheeled in. Next! Some orderly type busy as a cat covering shit trying to keep equipment disenfected...notice I wrote disinfected and not sterilized by autoclave. Leaves a person with an uneasy feeling watching the whole assembly line that people may be exposed to AIDS, Hep C and host of infections from the "camera" shoved up everybodies butt. The big'un scare to get it done is that "Cancer is a silent killer" which may be true but I counter with Doctors bury their mistakes.