Wednesday, June 6, 2018


  McParland, NP: Ontario’s Liberals have been having a hard time sorting out why voters dislike them so much.
  Their leader, Kathleen Wynne, admitted Saturday she won’t be premier after Thursday, as polls show her party is in for a drubbing. Ontarians are so down on the Liberals, they may not even rate official party status once the ballots are in.
Why would that be? Liberals and their remaining friends have struggled to pinpoint the problem. All governments make mistakes. And most also do some good, if you give them long enough. Wynne’s government has a few credits on its ledger, but at overwhelming cost to public finances, voter trust and respect for institutions and civic leadership in general. Wynne leaves behind a perilous situation for her successor. She richly deserves defeat, and her party deserves the trouncing it appears headed for.

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