Saturday, June 9, 2018


Wente, G&M:  Doug Ford was a disastrous choice for PC leader. Or so the elites said. The naysayers included plenty of people in his own party, who cringed with shame that he was elected leader. They thought he would lead the party, once again, into oblivion. Instead, he led the race from the start. And they didn’t understand what motivated Ford voters most – not the man, but an overwhelming desire for change.
   People voted for Mr. Ford because they were sick of 15 years of taxing and spending. They didn’t see any point in replacing one tax-and-spending party with another. You don’t have to be an urban sophisticate to recognize that 15 years of Liberal rule had created a bottomless money pit. That is Ontario today. The interest on the provincial debt alone costs a billion dollars a month. The hydro system is a mess. Health care is a fraying blanket of strained facilities and hallway medicine. So when the Liberals tried to bribe the voters with huge election promises, paid for by more deficits without end, people saw these promises for what they were: a scam.

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