Monday, July 9, 2018


   Financial Post:  Ford critics widely deride his pledge to find $6 billion in “efficiencies” in the province’s $160-billion budget, treating it as draconian. It is in fact a trivial target for a businesslike cost-cutter, requiring just four per cent less government spending, equivalent to where government spending was two years ago. Ending corporate welfare alone, according to an Ontario government study, would save about $5 billion. The remaining billion — assuming Ford wants to stop at a mere $6 billion — is well on its way to being accomplished in his first week in office. He’s already instituted a hiring freeze on civil servants and cancelled the Green Ontario Fund, a $377-million boondoggle. Literally dozens of other government programs similarly deserve the dustbin.
   Deregulation doesn’t just save money for governments; it spares grief for citizens and companies alike, by eliminating bureaucratic busy-work and the expense involved.

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