Thursday, July 12, 2018


   Denley, Ottawa Citizen: It’s disturbing to see Ahmed Hussen, the federal minister of immigration, trying to turn the refugee situation into an opportunity to imply that conservative politicians are against people coming from other countries. He chastised Ford for calling the would-be refugees “illegal border crossers,” instead of the preferred euphemism of “irregular migrants.”
   In fact, crossing the border except at official points of entry is illegal, but once a person makes a refugee claim, the charge is stayed until the claim is adjudicated.
   Simply stating the facts does not make conservatives anti-refugee and it certainly doesn’t make them anti-immigrant. Canada plans to admit nearly one million immigrants between now and 2020. This is not a point of popular contention.
   When it comes to refugees, the issue is not whether we welcome them, but whether we can handle the numbers and the way they are entering the country.

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