Sunday, July 8, 2018


   Blatchford, NP: A shocking report by the City of Toronto’s Auditor-General paints an “alarming” picture of how private firm duplicity and galling bureaucratic indifference allowed the city to put at risk the safety of employees, firefighters and visitors to thousands of city buildings such as City Hall, Metro Hall, Union Station, daycares, long-term care homes and recreation centres.
   Dated June 28, the 114-page report is the result of a fraud investigation AG Beverly Romeo-Beehler started last summer when a complainant called the city’s fraud and waste hotline.
   Ironically, while the AG found many red flag indications of fraud – chiefly, shifting company names, fake bids for city tenders and $900,000 worth of city contracts signed by non-existent people — and believes, “based on the totality of the evidence” that there is “a high-risk situation for fraud”, she couldn’t prove it because of the lack of an audit trail and missing documentation.

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