Tuesday, June 12, 2018


   FP:  Under leader Doug Ford, the Progressive Conservatives successfully campaigned to undo all of Wynne’s failed energy policies. The incoming premier promises to scrap the Liberals’ costly and misguided Green Energy Plan, tear up improvident contracts, shake up the leadership at the provincial hydro company and deliver a 12-per-cent rate reduction to Ontario families. He has also taken a bold stand in vowing to end Ontario’s participation in the cap-and-trade scheme and to fight any move by Ottawa to impose a carbon tax unilaterally on the province on constitutional grounds. Plus there is to be an immediate 10-cent-per-litre cut in the provincial gas tax.
   In taking a stand against Canada-wide carbon taxation, Ford has performed two important services. He has put to bed the political falsehood — peddled by the media, green lobbyists and political consultants — that politicians can only win office by supporting carbon pricing. It would now seem the opposite is closer to the truth. Second, Ford is aligning himself with the governments of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and — if, as expected, Alberta’s opposition leader Jason Kenney wins power in his province come the next election, as is currently expected — Alberta in opposing federal climate change policy. This could mean more than half the country’s population will be set against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan for a national carbon tax.
    Premier-designate Ford will no doubt face considerable pressure from various pro-tax organizations, lobby groups and even his own bureaucracy as he pulls Ontario from this federal scheme. He must resist them with all his strength because the pressure to break his promise on cap-and-trade will be immense. Ford must never forget that it was anger over energy prices that vaulted him into power in the first place.

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