Wednesday, June 13, 2018


  NP:  Ontario’s incumbent Liberals have been obliterated. Outgoing premier Kathleen Wynne, narrowly re-elected in her own Toronto riding, will now lead a rump caucus of a mere seven MPPs. The Liberals had pinned their final hopes on simply maintaining official party status. They fell one seat short.
  Abject defeat is a good look for Wynne and Co. The party was properly and mightily punished by voters not merely for their policy debacles, of which there were many, or for their ethical failures, which exist in similar abundance. They were rejected in 117 out of 124 races this week because of their overwhelming arrogance. Even on those rare occasions when the party was forced to admit wrongdoing, they always stressed how their main failure was being too slow to catch on to a problem, rather than chronic mismanagement, while insisting they were always doing their best, most noble work.

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  1. I am betting that Ford will make another mistake and listen to his PC fart catchers and give the crooks official status.